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The AKASHA Session allows:

  • To answer the "why" you are reincarnating and what is the "Wisdom of the Incarnation" (some call it the "mission of life") in order to fulfil yourself.

  • To discover the wisdom transmitted in relation to past lives, present life and influences from the future.

  • To open and access memories and informations (past lives, present life, energies from the future) that influence the light of your consciousness, to understand the karma and the emotional work that is present, in order to find yourself.

  • To explain how the echo of karmic memories works in your present life, whether in resonance or dissonance, to better understand you and transform repetitive and/or abusive thought patterns.

  • To highlight the functioning of your deep emotions and their connections with the movement of your energies in order to better understand yourself in your daily life.

Arte anaranjado claro rojo

For 30 years now, I have professionally offered Akasha Sessions in private consultation in order to "read" the story of the light of consciousness and discover, through a karmic journey, your rightful place and the reasons for your incarnation. This session, that I have called "Karmic Reading" during a long time, takes on a new form under the name of "Akasha Session".

This Akasha session is centered on the present life in order to understand the karma experienced.


During the session, 2 to 3 past lives are revealed in order to explain how the echo of these karmic memories affects the present life (unconsciously or consciously).

Answers are brought to discover what I call "the Wisdom of the Incarnation", which are the reasons for the incarnation, in order to open the door of your fulfilment and to awaken your consciousness to the light.

Over the years, the development of my perceptions, enriched by the experiences gained from each of the people I meet, allows me to obtain even more precise information. I take this opportunity to thank all the people whose paths I have come across who, by allowing me to read in their "light", have brought a stone to my understanding of the "invisible world", the energy, Akasha and functioning of the universe.

Explosión de la luz


My work today is now at a privileged point of connection with Akasha, this structure of light which leads my consciousness through space and time, inside the memories of the Universe.

My extrasensory perceptions access the Akashic Field to bring spiritual light on past lives that influence you in the present life. I open up and "read" the personal "consciousness story" of each person who asks me to explore their karma and understand the work that remains to be done.


This session allows the transmission of Akashic wisdom in relation to the information of the moment and the movement of your consciousness to reveal the expression of your light on Earth.


Parc d'automne

Consultations are done remotely either by Skype or via the Zoom platform for the appointment.

A session lasts 2.30 hours to get the main information.

The price of an Akasha Session is 300 euros.

For your information, if the consultation exceeds 2.30 hours, each additional 30 minutes costs 60 euros more.
The easiest way is to make a bank transfer or a payment via Paypalafter the appointment.


The duration of the session therefore depends on your questions or during our discussions, on the questions raised by the answers provided by your energies. It is recommended to plan an extra time for this discussion space.


In order to give me access to the areas of information that are within you, it is also important to ask me what you want to know.
The aura includes informations on past lives, the Wisdom of the Incartion (the "why" you are reincarnated), love, work, spirituality, concerns, pattern of thought, etc.
This allows me to open energy doors and thus facilitate access to the information that rests in your aura.


Note that the waiting time for an Akasha Session is about 2 years because I can only do 2 sessions per month.

Thank you for sending me 1 month before the appointment all the questions that you wish to explore.

               To make an appointment or find out more, send an email to Guy at:

Ruedas de rezo budistas

This two-hours-and-half session Follow-up is made to adjust and deepen the keys given during the session carried out previously.


This session takes place 1 year after the Akasha Session or an Akasha session follow-up and allows you to answer your questions about the spiritual path started during the preliminary session.

This consultation is designed to continue to see all the transformations and understanding that have taken place in karma in order to reveal what influences (past lives or energies from the future) are manifesting and influencing you in the present life and in what forms (false beliefs, abusive patterns, a past injury, etc.).

During the session, I review the transformations related to the Wisdom of the Incarnation and the movement of energies to detect the necessary adjustments and karmic alignments in order to better understand what remains to be transformed.

The price of a this 2.30 hours session is 300 euros and is also done online via Zoom or Skype.


If the consultation exceeds 2.30 hours, each additional 30 minutes costs 60 euros more.

For people who want an appointment before 1 year, I have developed Spiritual Teaching sessions that last 2 hours to answer questions raised by the emotional and spiritual transformations experienced after an Akasha Session or an Akasha session follow-up.

               To make an appointment or find out more, send an email to:


"I had the chance, the blessing to consult Guy for a Karmic Reading. This was the beginning of my journey towards peace, the first step towards home, towards love and more precisely the love of myself.
Through his perceptions, Guy has given me the greatest knowledge: The story of my past lives and how they still affect my present life. Finally, I understood where my fears, deeply rooted and buried patterns came from. Most importantly, he gave me the keys to go through these doors through meditations, saving and healers words.
I have always wondered what I could do good on this Earth, learn my life program with this Karmic Reading relieved me, reassured me that I was on the way to my achievement and gave me a momentum of life, an inestimable confidence to find my place, my legitimacy.
I can say that my life will never be the same, and 6 months later, it is all my energy and my perspectives that I have and continues to raise.
My gratitude is eternal to you. Thank you Guy, thank you Universe".



"Living the experience of karmic reading has given me a sense of serenity," all that makes sense ", it gave me a new perspective on the great moments of my life that fit into a whole and the keys of evolution allowing me to go closer to me. The first results are a feeling of appeasement, love and gratitude, the side effects are a new paradigm, a quieter quest to go to self and its mission, thank you Guy. "



"I have a fairly rich experience with practitioners offering support through various gifts, and I particularly enjoyed karmic reading for exercise poetry as much as for its practical benefits.
It invites us to a wonderful journey in our path of inner evolution, where the evocation of each life resonates in a way that is as deep and far-reaching as it is just and current. Reconsidering the issues of our present life with a broader and older meaning, soothes and alleviates the perception we have of them, and brings additional strength and serenity to face, overcome, manage them ... in short, to continue to fulfill yourself. "


"My goal, thanks to this karmic reading, was to have the" big picture ", to better understand what I came to bring and experience in this life, especially in light of the previous ones. During this very simple exchange, and with all the benevolence that animates him, Guy gave me a particularly fine analysis, very accessible, and even documented of my previous lives in connection with that of today. He provided precise answers to my questions, supported by dense information, each of a rare quality, thus helping me to better understand and access my life program, and thus achieve it, realize me, should I say.

6 months have passed, and every day since then, the pieces of the puzzle come together more finely ... Again, thank you, thank you very much Guy. This step is a real gift that we give to ourselves, because you are the one who makes it, it gives it all its value."


"Friends told me about Guy when I was totally lost in my life, at first I was very scared to meet him and in the end I agreed, and I did well!

I made incredible discoveries about myself but most of all, I had a sincere and honest person in front of me with whom I really could talk for a few hours. This session brought me relaxation, respect for myself and hope. So if you too, who read this comment, I have only one thing to say to you: DO NOT HESITATE!"


"Of all my spiritual experiences, karmic reading was one of the two strongest I have ever experienced. It has been 8 months since I have had this unique and transforming adventure to find out who I have been in previous lives, to better understand who I am today and to have the keys to where I am going. With each previous life, Guy makes us travel in our memories, in a place, a time where we lived. The main elements of this life are then revealed to us to better assimilate what was played for us at this time and how this life continues to influence us today. Specific keys are then given to us in order to be able to go beyond and transform these past learnings in the present life.
And already a few weeks later, I saw the first concrete changes in my life. Since then, I have advised all my friends to offer themselves this wonderful gift that is Karmic Reading by Guy."

Malika, Holistic Therapist, Paris

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