The Spiritual Guidance aims to answer your questions and your concerns, both personal and professional, in order to help you understand yourself, to better experience your emotions, your feelings and what you live on a daily basis. The idea is to find and rediscover all your inner light for the purpose of harmonization and realization.

Cielo por completo de la Luz

A session will lead you towards the deep discovery of who you are and respond to your concerns through a karmic and spiritual vision of yourself.

I use several types of mediumship to answer your questions, such as aura vision for extracting information from the Akashic Field, as well as channeling if necessary.

This session can also take the form of a personalized course in order to answer questions on spirituality in general in order to clarify concepts and principles on the awakening of consciousness, energies, karma, reincarnation, life after death, mediumship, Guides, angels, shamanism, totems animals, extra-terrestrial life and the interpretation of dreams.

                 To make an appointment or find out more, send an email to:


Pont sur la Cascade

The session is done online by Skype or Zoom.

The price of this 1 hour session is 110 euros.

The easiest is to make a bank transfer or a payment via Paypal after the appointment.

If the consultation exceeds 1 hour, each additional 30 minutes costs 55 euros.

The duration of the session therefore depends on your questions or during our discussions, on the questions raised by the answers provided by your energies.

Note that the waiting time for Spiritual Guidance is about 1 year.

If your questions are focused on past lives, I recommend you to click on the following link about Karmic Reading.


""It was a real pleasure to have a meeting with Guy, I knew very little about this type of work, it was a real discovery full of beautiful surprises! I was able to find answers to the most profound questions.
Guy has a lot of humor and a very accessible language that allows us immediately to delve into the subject.
Some parables by Guy were real revelations that gave shivers and opened their eyes to some of the most important topics. It was like opening the window and breathing fresh, fresh air that made us feel awake.

I thank Guy for this session, which clarified so many things and gave me confidence.
This is just the beginning of a lot of work on self-discovery."