I draw the energies that surround you and interpret the colors and particles of light to recompose this puzzle that are the "Karmic Memories". Soul reading allows you to access a past life to provide a more comprehensive answer to current life and reveals the main point of the "Life Program" highlighting the work that remains to be done.

Cielo por completo de la Luz

If you want to know who you have been and what is the influence of one of your previous lives in your present life, or if you have a problem that always comes up, that you do not understand and that you do not get to solve, or if you wish to better understand yourself in your spiritual path, soul reading is the first step towards your essence.

A session will lead you to the deep discovery of who you are and respond to your concerns through a karmic and spiritual vision of yourself.

I use several mediumship techniques to answer your questions, such as the vision of the aura for extracting information from Akashic records, as well as karmic channeling if necessary.

                 To make an appointment or find out more, send an email to:

Pont sur la Cascade

The consultations are done remotely via photo, then by Skype for the appointment. Here is the detailed protocol:

You have to send a photo of you from front to

The background should be clear preferably and you should wear a light or white garment (which avoids distortions of lights in the photo and makes my work easier). No loose clothes please, thank you. The photo must be taken from the waist (for the lower part) to the head (with a space above the head for the upper part). The arms should be relaxed along the body in a natural way (see photo opposite).

A consultation lasts 1h15.

If you have a lot of questions, we advise you to read about Karmic Reading.


""It was a real pleasure to have a meeting with Guy, I knew very little about this type of work, it was a real discovery full of beautiful surprises! I was able to find answers to the most profound questions.
Guy has a lot of humor and a very accessible language that allows us immediately to delve into the subject.
Some parables by Guy were real revelations that gave shivers and opened their eyes to some of the most important topics. It was like opening the window and breathing fresh, fresh air that made us feel awake.

I thank Guy for this session, which clarified so many things and gave me confidence.
This is just the beginning of a lot of work on self-discovery."