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Development of Mediumship

These courses and workshops allow you to discover the different forms of mediumship, such as clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and channeling, in order to develop them in complete safety thanks to a wisdom called "Right Vision".


You are guided, through spiritual teaching and intuitive, practical exercises to recognize the type of mediumship you use naturally.

Thus, you move forward in understanding the mode of operation of your sensitivity and the invisible world.

Guy designed 3 Levels in order to reveal the wisdom that presents itself to the medium through an experience that prepares for channeling and the distinction between contact with a Guide, an Angel, and the many Celestial Forces that make up the invisible world.

For beginners, as well as seasoned professionals, these  courses and workshops have the particularity of being tailor-made for each person who wishes to understand and grow with their extrasensory perceptions.


Akasha is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "ether" or "space" and represents the visible and non-visible structure of the Universe. In these courses, you will discover the subtleties of Akasha's nature which allow you to experience the harmony of the world.


Akasha courses include a part of spiritual teaching centered on the understanding of Dharma (the law of nature) and the relationship between karma and reincarnation in order to understand the functioning of vibrational frequencies, that is to say emotions , connected to the Akashic Field and on the other hand a practical part which opens a door of awakening to consciousness to access this luminous structure carrying universal information.

Each course allows you to learn about the perception of what Akasha is and the interpretation of the different types of energies in their physical, emotional and spiritual fields. Practical meditative exercises are transmitted to experience the movement of consciousness through space and time.


Discover the initiatory courses on the themes of Akasha, Dharma, Karma and reincarnation.


Spiritual Teaching aims to answer your questions and concerns, both personal and professional, in order to help you better understand yourself, to better experience your emotions, your feelings and what you experience on a daily basis.


The idea is to find and rediscover all your inner light with the aim of harmonization and realization.


A session lasts 2 hours for 280 euros and takes place remotely either by Skype or by Zoom (your choice).

This consultation is open to specific questions that you wish to see and allows you to work through messages and/or guided meditations on deep emotions.

It can also open up to more general spiritual questions, such as karma, reincarnation, past lives, the cycle of samsara, life after death, Guides, angels, totem animals, extraterrestrial life, etc. A bit like a private lesson. Everything will depend on the “necessities” of the moment.

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Dharma, Karma and reincarnation

5 Levels - Online courses

Guy Khandjian presents his new spiritual teaching, open for beginners as well as for people who already have developed extrasensory perceptions or are connected to the Akashic Field.

Akasha courses are aimed at anyone wishing to reveal their mediumistic potential in relation to the Akashic Field, by discovering the wisdom of Dharma (the law of nature), as well as the functioning of karma and reincarnation. The program also includes themes on understanding the subtle bodies and chakras making up the aura which together form a more complete picture of the functioning of energy on a spiritual level linked to the history of the light of consciousness, itself interdependent on the history of any incarnated person.

This spiritual teaching is designed as a sharing and an initiation into the language of the Universe in order to access a direct experience of awakening consciousness, discovery of memories that influence present life and several paths of wisdom that open the door light of liberation from suffering.

Each Akasha course belongs to a larger curriculum which has 5 levels. Level 3 and above are designed for those who wish to professionalize.


Click on the button below to discover the details of the Akasha Courses program.

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Guy has been teaching for over 20 years a form of modern shamanism which allows us to connect to Celestial Forces that we call Totem Animals.

In order to be able to correctly transmit the shamanic wisdom of the Celestial Forces with which he works, Guy is no longer taking new students at the moment.

Discover the 3 ways proposed to develop your extrasensory perceptions and awaken to your luminous consciousness:

Coton Bonbon

Information about the Karmic Reading

For 30 years now, I received anyone wishing to know more about themselves in private consultation to "read" the history of the light of consciousness and discover, through a karmic journey, the place that belongs to each of them and the reasons for their incarnation. This session that I have long called "Karmic Reading", then "Akasha Session", will take a new appearance from the year 2026 (appointments are full in 2025).


I created a new form of support through the session that I call Spiritual Teaching. Although different in its function than the karmic reading, since the Spiritual Teaching session is centered on the wisdom of incarnation in the present life, but it keeps the same liberating path in order to open the door to your realization and awaken your consciousness to the light. To find out more, please click on the link below:

Spiritual Teaching

Guy Khandjian

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Guy has an extrasensory perception that was revealed to him from early childhood. It allows him to see the aura in general and more precisely all the energies that surround the bodies of all living beings.

At the age of sixteen, Guy looks for answers and begins with courses in hypnosis and spiritual magnetism. It is thanks to a Buddhist monk and a spiritual healer/channel near Paris that he will be introduced to the mechanisms of energies, mediumship, channelling and what Theosophists call the "invisible world" when they speak about the beyond.

Three years later, he decided to train professionally with the French Center of Magnetism. This Center is directed by Jean-Claude Secondé, Osteopath, Naturopath/Heilpraktiker and spiritual healer recognized in France for his years of experience. For 3 years, Guy trained in parapsychology, naturopathy, massage and various energetics healing techniques. His naturopathic training will end with Robert Masson (one of the fathers of Naturopathy in France). He will follow in parallel a training of Qi Gong teacher and Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style) which will end in 1994.

Guy then practices spiritual healing and karmic reading in office for ten years in Paris. During these years, he teaches various types of relaxation techniques including Qi Gong and Tai Chi, as well as various forms of Shamanism until 2004. After this date, he undertakes a two-year training in the world of Television and of Cinema in Madrid (at the Metropolis Study Center from 2006 to 2008) in order to complete his knowledge to understand the workings of the means of communication and the impact of movies and the image in general on the collective unconscious.

In 2011, at the age of forty, as a logic in his trajectory, Guy decided to give courses as well as private consultations with his Karmic Readings for all those who seek emotional and spiritual answers to awaken their conscience.

Since 2019, with the Akasha courses, Guy wishes to transmit knowledge which aims to open the doors to the discovery of yourself, of your abilities, in order to reveal the memories which influence present life to transform any abusive repetitive and/or hurtful pattern.


For those who wish to nourish their spirituality, Guy offers courses which allow you to develop your psi faculties (intuition, mediumship, channeling, telepathy etc.), to contact with your Guide, or to better understand the functioning of karma, life after death (Akasha course and Development of Mediumship), reincarnation, to learn more about extraterrestrial life, forbidden archeology and the interpretation of dreams. He also teaches a form of modern shamanism with the use of Totem Animals.

Guy receives in private consultation and has created a study area for all people wishing to learn more about all these themes.




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