COURSES 2019/2020

3 seminars-workshops are offered for this new season.

1. THE CELESTIAL WORLD AND THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL : Based on the development of intuition, channelling, extra-sensory perception in general, telepathy, psychometrics, etc. Part of this session is dedicated to the understanding of the celestial word and its organization.


This seminar-workshop is focused on spiritual teaching that opens a path to daily wisdom allowing the discovery of your own essence and part of the divine.

3. AKASHA: Centered on the relationship between karma and reincarnation to understand the functioning of our emotions connected to the Akashic registers. These courses reveal the visual perception of the aura and the interpretation of different types of energies in their physical, emotional and spiritual fields.


Focus on spiritual insight into past lives that influence our present life.

Guy can see the aura and interprets the energies colors to translate them into emotions.


He explains how the « echo » of these karmic memories acts in our conscious and unconscious mind to answer « Why » we reincarnate, explaining the « Life Program », the incarnation purpose.


A Karmic reading enables you to align yourself with your karma in order to achieve self-realization.

This 2.30 hour session gives you access to your personal Akashic library to see karma and understand the work that remains to be done.


Focus on answering specific questions related to present karma and emphasizing spiritual informations that affects personal, professional and even emotional concerns.

This session reveals your previous life that is connected with the question. It will release tension, blocage or other problems related to the situation experienced.

Soul reading brings to light the main point of the « Life Program » (also called the « life mission ») in order to better understand each other and answer questions.

This 1.15 hour session allows you a first contact with your essence, your part of the divine, your soul.


Awakening of Consciousness




Malika Duchange and Guy Khandjian welcome you to their next seminar on "Awakening of Consciousness".

The awakening of consciousness is seeing beyond the prism of understanding what we consider to be our reality.

This seminar invites you to cross the veil of illusion to bring your consciousness to go beyond and transcend ego, reason and intellect. On the other side, you discover your essence and your true nature.

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Guy Khandjian

Guy K Buste.jpg

Guy has an extrasensory perception that was revealed to him from early childhood. It allows him to see the aura in general and more precisely all the energies that surround the bodies of all living beings.

At the age of sixteen, Guy looks for answers and begins with courses in hypnosis and spiritual magnetism. It is thanks to a Buddhist monk and a spiritual healer/channel near Paris that he will be introduced to the mechanisms of energies, mediumship, channelling and what Theosophists call the "invisible world" when they speak about the beyond.

Three years later, he decided to train professionally with the French Center of Magnetism. This Center is directed by Jean-Claude Secondé, Osteopath, Naturopath/Heilpraktiker and spiritual healer recognized in France for his years of experience. For 3 years, Guy trained in parapsychology, naturopathy, massage and various energetics healing techniques. His naturopathic training will end with Robert Masson (one of the fathers of Naturopathy in France). He will follow in parallel a training of Qi Gong teacher and Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style) which will end in 1994.

Guy then practices spiritual healing and karmic reading in office for ten years in Paris. During these years, he teaches various types of relaxation techniques including Qi Gong and Tai Chi, as well as various forms of Shamanism until 2004. After this date, he undertakes a two-year training in the world of Television and of Cinema in Madrid (at the Metropolis Study Center from 2006 to 2008) in order to complete his knowledge to understand the workings of the means of communication and the impact of movies and the image in general on the collective unconscious.

In 2011, at the age of forty, as a logic in his trajectory, Guy decides to give courses as well as private consultations with his Karmic Readings for all those who seek emotional and spiritual answers to awaken their conscience.

The goal is to open the doors of the discovery of your previous lives as well as to reveal their current influences, or for those who wish to nourish their spirituality, Guy proposes courses which allow to develop your psi faculties (intuition, mediumship, channelling, telepathy, etc.), or to better understand the functioning of karma, life after death, reincarnation, contact with your Guide, but also to learn more about extraterrestrial life, forbidden archeology and interpretation of your dreams. Guy receives in private consultation and has created a study area for all those wishing to learn more about all these themes.



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